About Me

15024737_m-SproutingDuring more than 15 years owning and operating small businesses, and nearly 20 years serving as a lay professional in churches and non-profits, I have used coaching as a tool for engaging with employees, customers, clients, students, and leaders. Training provided through Coaching4Clergy and the International Coach Federation has raised my skills and my enthusiasm to a new level. I’m joyful to be embarking on a solo practice, and I invite you to contact me for a free no-obligation personal interview to explore your goals and determine our compatibility for working as a team.

acc_webI am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certified through the International Coach Federation. Prior to starting my coaching practice, I served five years as ministry developer for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, partnering with individuals and congregations in that re-organizing diocese to re-imagine how to be the church. Formerly I served as Program Officer for Lay Leadership on the staff of The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts-Schori, the firDemi 2709_2-5x3-5Croppedst woman elected Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church. My work as a ministry developer in congregations varying from family to resource size allowed me to grow right-sized ministry in numerous settings, coaching a wide variety of ministry leaders. I have owned and published multiple community weekly newspapers, one of which included a community cable-based TV station. My family has owned and operated a print shop and a grocery store. I have served as the administrator of a Montessori school and as a parish community organizer for Catholic Charities. I hold degrees from Seabury-Western and Harvard. I am the co-author, along with Fletcher Lowe, of Radical Sending: Go to Love and Serve, published in 2015 by Morehouse.



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