14958262_mI regularly publish on several blogs and websites:

  • Vital Practices, a website of Episcopal Church Foundation, which offers newsletters, webinars, and books dedicated to increase leaders’ skills and develop their agility in meeting the challenges that confront churches and ministries
  • Vital Posts, the blog spot for Vital Practices.
  • Living God’s Mission, the blog for Episcopalians on Baptismal Mission. EBM promotes and supports Christians in claiming their baptismal mission as Christ’s ambassadors in the world.

radical-sending-full-rgb-NO-JIn addition, I am the co-author of Radical Sending – Go to Love and Serve, published by Morehouse and available from major booksellers in print and e-book formats.

One Amazon reviewer says,

Radical Sending is about turning congregations from a “Come” congregations to a “Go” congregations. The emphasis on “Come” is important – but the emphasis “Go” is even more important! When new members are introduced to Christ and are not challenged and supported to serve in Christ’s mission in their daily lives, the mission of the congregation fails in its mission to serve Christ!

The best section of the book introduces the metaphor “base camp” for the congregation. Mountain climbers can’t succeed in their mission without base camp. Similarly, for us Christians, we can’t succeed in our mission to serve Christ’s mission in our daily lives without a base camp. And that base camp for us is our congregation. We come to church on Sunday morning to be sent out empowered and redirected to serve Christ in his mission throughout the week ahead.