Team & Group Coaching

11177895_m-Team BeesTeam Coaching engages a group of people who work together to reach a goal. Overcoming the dysfunctions of a team, as outlined by Patrick Lencioni, is an important team goal – building trust, mastering conflict, committing to decisions and action plans, embracing mutual accountability, and focusing on measuring and achieving results. Team coaching can help you achieve that goal while you build a structure of support for one another. My years of experience can help you forge a strong, relational, effective team that will become a model in your organization.

18707988_mGroup Coaching gathers people who fill similar roles in various different organizations or departments in a process of peer mentoring, mutual encouragement, and structured accountability. My facilitation skills and breadth of experience will ensure that participants in group coaching will benefit professionally and personally. Contact me to help you set up a peer group that will challenge and support you.

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